Started on October 10, 2016

Off-ice training in small groups offers a focused learning environment for improving skills in different areas of the game. As opposed to being on the ice and dividing the attention between skating and stick-handling, the focus can be directed towards important details of the game, such as shooting and passing. Off-ice training themes consist of wrist shots, backhand shots, snap shots, slap shots, backhand passes, saucer passes etc. and learning the use these variations. All themes are constructed in a way that they form a larger continuum.

All data from every off-ice group training session is collected for every individual player as well as for each group of players. This enables the skill coaches to monitor the development of all the players in the group. The players do not necessarily share the same goals but rather have their own development goals and paths.  However, it is important for the players to be able to compare their development  to the development of other players within the group as well as within the same age group. This has no effect on the group training but motivates the individual player to push himself/herself further.